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Grow Mushrooms in Your Container Garden

If you use wood mulch in your plant containers - at least an inch on top - it not only saves water (up to 80% LESS water), but it provides a nice environment in which you can grow mushrooms!

Mushrooms will grow best in mulch 2" deep or more, in large containers that are 12" wide or more, but some specialty varieties can be grown in smaller containers.

Some mushrooms that grow well in containers are:


  • Elm Oyster
  • Wine Cap
  • Mini Almond Agaricus
  • Meadow Mushrooms
  • Freckled Dapperling

Generally, smaller mushrooms can grow in smaller containers. The above mushrooms can grow in smaller amounts of mulch than most.

For smaller indoor containers you need specialty strains of mini-mushrooms. There are a number of Agaricus strains, and a few other edible mushroom strains that will produce in very small containers. You can find a few on this website

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