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Wholesale Paintings

The Paintings, Sketches, and Drawings of Laura Wheeler are available at a wholesale price, when purchased in bulk, as stipulated on our Batched Art pages.

If you are looking for a steady supply of works she can produce, or moderate volumes of assembly line work, keep reading. It IS here!

When sold wholesale, a Contract for a minimum number of paintings per month, for a specific time period is required (minimum 6 months, and MORE than the minimum CAN be ordered monthly provided it does not exceed production capacity).

ALL paintings are eligible for the discounts listed on the Batched Art page, PLUS we subtract the flat rate (per piece) shipping and packaging charges, and give you a reduced quote on the combined shipping and packaging (which saves a great deal on batches). (Shipping and packaging prices are listed at the bottom of each listing, along with the pricing metric used on that piece.)

We CAN negotiate a flat rate contracted wholesale discount on specific painting types (simple puddle, daubs, or sponge paintings, or simplified dimensional paintings). Negotiated prices may be as LOW as $25 for flat 8X10, $35 for dimensional 8X10, $50 for flat 11X14, or $70 for dimensional 11X14, or $100 for flat 16X20, and $140 for dimensional 16X20.

More detailed paintings worked in finer methods are TWICE the price, and an intermediate that uses a rapid simplified method for the majority with some details in finer methods are priced between. More complex mediums and methods have an upcharge to cover the additional time or supply expense.

(If you want decor art it is not expensive. If you want fine art, it costs more. If you want investment art, we can do that, but you pay investment prices.)

We also offer a Large Lot Retail discount on 4 or more works purchased together, of 10% off the value price, plus subtraction of shipping and packaging flat rates, with combined shipping and packaging charged instead (this adds up for even TWO paintings, and can save a significant amount on 4).

We do NOT deal with galleries who devalue the work of accomplished artists, in order to exploit them. An artist DESERVES not less than 40% of the value of the work (our pricing metric prices LOW for our works, and when combined with our wholesale discounts, is the equivalent of LESS than that 40% for most of our works). The artist is the one DOING the work, and to pay them less than this is a gross insult and cruelty, and we will not be abused by a purchaser.

All sales are FINAL, we do not refund, we will work out a means to right any wrongs some other way.

All works must be paid for BEFORE they ship, and payment must be verified, and sometimes there is a waiting period for a payment to fully clear. We do NOT ship items on approval (we are not that gullible), we do not ship COD, and we do not consign items for sale.

If a work is damaged or lost in shipment, it must be covered by insurance paid for by the purchaser.

If a work is not as represented (we work to assure this is never the case), the work may be returned at the expense of the purchaser, and IF VALID, we will refund RETURN SHIPPING COST ONLY (not to exceed our flat rate shipping charge), and we will repair the work, or replace it with a similar work of equal value. Buyer is responsible for insuring the shipment against further damage, or loss.

We are PROFESSIONALS, and we are determined to not be found wanting. But we will also NOT stand up and volunteer to be exploited. We are well aware that dishonesty and corruption are rife within the art world, and if you are looking for another victim to pad your pockets at their expense, then go away. We are not looking for you to purchase our goods, and we WON'T work with you.

On the other hand, if you need a steady supply of value based artworks, we can help you. We use a pricing metric that helps make our pricing both transparent, and predictable if you need a supply of original one-off works - in this case, we can contract for discounts up to 50% of our retail price, depending on volume of sales, and contractual negotiated terms.

Laura can produce high volumes of variant works, and steady volumes of original works. She is well capable of producing 2-4 smaller original works per day, and 2-3 16X20 or somewhat larger works per day. She is capable of producing 10-20 assembly line works per day, of either size category. She is just that professional.

Laura's Studio can produce higher volumes with sufficient lead time.

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