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Food Forests

A food forest is something like a multi-layered orchard, but interplanted in a way that makes use of unused spaces, and layers the plants in the same way that a forest layers them. The advantage in it is that it can be planted with trees, bushes, vines, ground covers, clumped plants, and all in a space that is shared by working around spaces that are unused by large plants. It can be planted with perennials, and with self-seeding plants, so that it only needs thinning periodically. This kind of planting saves water - while more plants and more roots would seem to take MORE water, it is actually the opposite, because the ground cover holds moisture IN at a higher rate than the closer plantings increase usage. A food forest can be very low maintenance, and can provide harvestable food for people, as well as forage for select wildlife. Don't forget mushrooms and herbs when developing your food forest!

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