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The Art Of Color Curriculum eBook by Laura Wheeler
The Art Of Color Curriculum eBook by Laura Wheeler
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The Art Of Color: Progressive Coloring Book Art Skills Development

Simple and elegant art skills Curriculum that starts with assignments centered around Coloring Books, and progresses to encompass drawing, painting, sculpting, Computer Art, Cut paper art, and an introduction to Art History.

Usable for Personal Study, or for organized art Classes. Assignments are adaptable from the third grade, to adult College or Trade School level courses.

This is a descriptive list of fairly simple assignments, complete with instruction for the more difficult tasks, as well as tips for Technique, Methods, Mediums, Surfaces, Brushes, and more. Science of Art Glossary explains many advanced techniques for painting (oil, acrylic, and watercolor), pen and ink, felt pen, oil pastels, chalk pastels, colored pencil, and colored ink pen.

Every assignment is designed to encourage the student to produce a SALABLE piece of fine art. Even from coloring book pages!

You WILL have to look up many things and research them on your own. This curriculum does not have all of the resources it needs to be an all in one resource. IT NEEDS A LIBRARY. This means (for example) you will have to look up Quilling and how to do it. You will need to look up Primitive Art and learn what it means, elsewhere.

The Curriculum contains all the ASSIGNMENTS to progress from coloring in a book to salable art. But it does not contain all the examples, it would be pretty well impossible for me to get them all, there are just too many.

FOUR FULL SECTIONS, each one can cover a single semester or trimester, or even up to an entire year of art.

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