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Flipped Felt Pen Painting by Laura Wheeler
Flipped Felt Pen Painting by Laura Wheeler
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$ 136.00
$ 92.00


NOTE! Images of Laura's Artwork are NOT accurate for color!

7.85X9.85 Felt Pen and Colored Pencil on Card Stock - Original is FRAMED in a silvery irridescent cheap plastic frame, WITHOUT GLASS. Prints are UNFRAMED.

Macro of a flower blossom, with flipped petals decorated with colorful shading. Based on the work of another artist.

Colors are slightly more vibrant in the original, with somewhat less purple tones.

$92 (domestic shipping included)

Flipped is NOT available for "Of a Type" Assembly Line Production for Variant Works, or Identical Variant Works. Simplified versions are negotiable.

Signed and Unsigned Prints Available. Batch orders only, price negotiable.

Price Calculation: 80 sq. in. X 1.15 MINUS 10% downgrade, PLUS 40% Felt Pen Upgrade, PLUS $17 Shipping, MINUS Sale Discount

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