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MicroBusiness Startup Opportunities for 2014 eBooklet by Laura Wheeler
MicroBusiness Startup Opportunities for 2014 eBooklet by Laura Wheeler
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MicroBusiness Startup Opportunities for 2014: Growing and Emerging Markets for American Home Business and Cottage Industry.

This book has NO recommendations for Direct Sales or Business Systems. It is strictly a listing of independent business types that are showing growth trends or that are newly emerging as growth industries, which can succeed well as very small businesses.

Each listing has a description of the types of products and services included, a statement about WHY it is a growth industry, and some keys to making it profitable.

This is not a comprehensive guide to all growth industries, merely a listing of 17 different types of businesses which we have observed in a reasonable growth stage at this time, and which we can say with a good degree of confidence, will continue to be good options for business startups through the following year.

It may not list the businesses you want. But it may give you ideas about things we did not include, and after reading it, you'll have a good idea of some of the factors that are driving the markets for small businesses in the current economic climate.

Written by Laura Wheeler and Presented by (Laura and Kevin's Cottage Industry Consulting network).

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