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Storm Ridden Acrylic And Seashell Painting by Laura Wheeler
Storm Ridden Acrylic And Seashell Painting by Laura Wheeler
Original Price
$ 275.00
$ 125.00


NOTE! Images of Laura's Artwork are NOT accurate for color!

9X12 Acrylic and Seashell on Premium Wallboard - Original is UNFRAMED.

Somewhat turbulent sea surrounded by seashell border made of the GRUNGIEST seashells Laura could find in her supplies. Some cool effects with the border, which is made up of scallops, snails, turretelas, clam and mussel shells, and some spirals and small whelks.

Please disregard the Grumpy Santa in the middle of this painting. He doesn't always show up.

This painting has a little more diverse colors than the photo shows.

$125 (domestic shipping included)

Storm Ridden is available for "Of a Type" Assembly Line Production for Variant Works, Not Identical Works or Identical Variant Works. Minimum order of 4 (no mix and match) required. Turnaround time is 1 week AFTER payment is verified, plus ONE additional day for each additional batch (counted as groups of 4) ordered in a single order.

Price Calculation: 108 sq. in. X 1.15, and 2X Seashell Upgrade, PLUS $17 Shipping, PLUS $10 Packaging, MINUS $150 Economic Crunch Discount

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