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Raising Pigeons for Meat - Reviving the Forgotten Livestock eBook

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Available for instant download, this unique book gives you the information you can't find online concerning raising Utility Pigeons on a small farm. Pigeons are a good option for raising meat in limited spaces, and for production of specialty eggs (they are popular in Asian cuisine). They can be raised on homegrown feed, and their diet supplemented with garden scraps and some kinds of table scraps. Pigeons are highly productive, and a pair can produce 12-16 squabs per year - one squab is one serving of meat, and can be stretched further.

Methods of raising them are explained, along with the pros and cons so you can make choices that fit your own situation. Raise them for home use, or for profit.

Selling live Pigeons, live or processed Squabs, selling Pigeon Eggs, Pigeon Manure, Pigeon Feathers, and even Animal Feed from Pigeons. Outlines the issues that makes it work, or not work, and gives an overview of some of the regulatory issues involved with selling various products.

Raise Pigeons in town, in the suburbs, or in very rural areas. Pigeons may be an option when Chickens are not, or good companion flocks to raise if you already have Chickens or other Poultry. Preservation of endangered breeds is also covered (ALL true Utility Pigeon breeds are endangered except Kings in the US).

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NOTE: This book is available on for Kindle.

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