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The Edge of Eden - High Yield No-Till Integrated Gardening

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Integrated gardening is the gardening side of Zero Input (Closed Loop) farming. Spend less money on gadgets and structures and put your time and effort into a growing method that gets better every year without having to repeat the same backbreaking preparation every year. Grow fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, forage crops for animals, and raise animals alongside your crops, in a synergistic way that makes Mother Nature a full partner in your small farm. Let her do what she does best, and let her help you along, instead of fighting her at every turn. The results can be little short of miraculous.

Simple all-natural growing methods. Save work, save water, and grow more in less space. Whether you are growing food in a large garden, tucking your vegetables into the corners of your yard, or using containers to grow fruits and veggies, integrated no-till gardening can help you achieve the seemingly impossible.

Focus of the book is on growing food, and in producing food for farm animals. Grow food in hot climates, cold climates, in the desert, or in the winter (in or out of an unheated greenhouse).

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