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Real Food For Rabbits - Feeding Meat Rabbits without Commercial Feed (Ebook)

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This book is available for Kindle on Amazon.

eBook ONLY! Not available in print! Available for Instant Download.

Feed your rabbits from produce scraps, garden scraps and weeds, wild plants, grasses, shrubs, trees, and more!

Never buy rabbit pellets again! Rabbits eat more types of food than you'd ever imagine, and our lists and guidelines will set you on a journey that will have your bunnies begging for treats every time you show your face near their hutches!

Solid growth, great health, and happy rabbits. Information is geared toward raising meat rabbits, but natural feeding is also very beneficial for pet rabbits and for breeding stock for pet markets.

Written by Laura Wheeler, who shares her and her family's experiences with raising rabbits naturally.

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