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Most Wanted Mushroom Products for 2014: Hot Markets for Mushroom Farmers eBooklet

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Do you know what the seven most needed mushroom products are in the US? The ones people are looking for but cannot find? We do!

We found out through a series of events which seemed unfortunate at the time, and we have held onto this information and continued to analyze the incoming data to make sure our conclusions were correct. They have held for almost two years. Just 13 pages of information, but we PROMISE you it is not anything you can discover anywhere else!

Now we are letting other people in on what we learned. Not only what the products are, but what makes them hard to supply, and what you can do about it. A few actually AREN'T hard to supply. It is just that nobody is doing it yet!

If you have a mushroom farm, or are in the process of planning or starting one, this information could really help you know where to turn your efforts.

This information is written by Laura Wheeler, and presented by If you need personal help, it is available through that website.

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