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The Scavenger's Garden: Growing Food from Groceries and Scraps eBook

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So many different foods that you can grow from groceries or scraps you'd normally throw away! Learn how to grow seeds from produce, regrow tubers and bulbs, root herbs and fruits from cuttings, and how to salvage food scraps you'd normally throw away and get them to regrow!

An informative book for teachers, the self-sufficient, frugal, and the rabidly curious. More than 30 seeds to salvage, over a dozen roots to replant, 17 herb cuttings to root and a bunch of fruits, plus 8 items to rescue from the trash to regrow. Low cost options for keeping them going, and an overall frugal approach is the focus of the methods recommended.

Most books of this type don't explain which items can bear fruit from a plant grown from seed (or what you are likely to get). We do! You'll also learn why many plants grown from groceries do poorly, and how to increase your chances of success. Hybrids and GMOs are also covered.

If you are trying to be self sufficient on a very low budget, this book will help you get your foot in the door, to garden even when you can't afford a garden!

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