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Blossom Melodrama Felt Pen Painting by Laura Wheeler
Blossom Melodrama Felt Pen Painting by Laura Wheeler
$ 317.00

Blossom Melodrama ORIGINAL WORK.

NOTE! Images of Laura's Artwork are NOT accurate for color!

11X14 Felt Pen on Heavy Stock - Original is framed with an absolutely cheap brown frame (Frame Not Shown). Prints are UNFRAMED.

SCREAMING Orange and Hot Pink, with a LITTLE Dark Purple. The felt pen colors were NOT as represented, and when put next to each other, not even as they seemed when separated! Sometimes a work begun has to be finished, and having no other felt pens to attempt the task, the colors had to do. Somehow, it worked, but it does have a lot of Orange (the image does not BEGIN to show it!). Based on the work of another artist who is not only more patient than Laura, but far more talented.

This is Laura's Facebook Post the second day she worked on this:

"The flower I am painting has too many petals. Streaky, flippy, overlapping, twisty, and windblown. It is gorgeous. But it is a work of cultivated patience. Every once in a while I still want to scream like Charlie Brown."

The original colors are SHOCKING, and they SHOULD be garish but somehow they aren't. Colors described above, but the description can't quite do them justice. I'll just say once more, LOTS OF ORANGE, and pretty much NONE of that glowing purple (camera changed some dark purply blues to glowing violet).

$317 (domestic shipping included)

Blossom Melodrama is available for "Of a Type" Assembly Line Production for Variant Works, Not Identical Works or Identical Variant Works. Minimum order of 4 (no mix and match) required. Turnaround time is 1 week AFTER payment is verified, plus ONE additional day for each additional batch (counted as groups of 4) ordered in a single order.

Signed and Unsigned Prints Available. Batch orders only, price negotiable.

Price Calculation: 154 sq. in. X 0.95 PLUS 50% Felt Pen Upgrade, PLUS 50% Detail Upgrade, PLUS $25 Shipping

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